• Success Story: An Art Teacher's Journey to a Pain Free Life

    September 1, 2016: Joanne was enjoying her life as an art teacher when she started experiencing hip pain. The pain increasingly intensified, making it hard to stand or walk, ultimately forcing her into retirement. 

    She began to accept the pain, and loss of mobility and quality of life as a normal side effect of aging. But when Joanne was set on a path to address the problem, including  hip replacement surgeries and physical therapy, she launched a personal mission to regain what pain had taken from her. 

    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Joanne shares how her surgeries and physical therapy have helped her become more active and fit than ever.

    Read more about Joanne's transformative story. (Coming soon).

    Read more about total hip replacement surgery.

    Download the podcast on iTunes or listen below:

    Joanne is a 66-year-old former art teacher. Hip pain caused her retirement and decreased her quality of life. After hip replacement surgeries and extensive physical therapy, she is working part-time at an art museum and regularly participating in senior exercise classes. Samples from the art journal she created while going through physical therapy are below.

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