• Ask a PT: Physical Therapy Recovery After Stroke

    A week ago, my father suffered from a stroke. He did lose some of his motion on his right side. We understand that he will be referred to a physical therapist. What can we expect during his recovery?

    A physical therapist can improve your father's mobility and quality of life. Upon his first physical therapy visit, he will receive an evaluation that will include several tests and measures designed to assess his limitations. His physical therapist will then establish a treatment plan specific to his needs and goals. Physical therapists use therapy techniques based on the latest research that are individualized to each patient to help them regain as much mobility as possible. Evidence shows that in many cases a type of treatment that forces the use of the affected side will increase his independence and the return of functional mobility. Of course, rates of recovery vary among individuals depending upon type and severity of the stroke.

    April 06, 2010
    Topic: Stroke
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