• World Physical Therapy Day: Volunteering Abroad

    September 6, 2013: September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day. 

    To celebrate, Move Forward Radio is airing a pair of episodes profiling physical therapists and students of physical therapy who have volunteered their services abroad to provide much needed care in impoverished countries.

    Part 1 - Arcadia University Students in Jamaica

    Listen to Move Forward Radio or dowload the podcast on iTunes.

    Physical therapist Karen Sawyer, PT, DPT, is an assistant professor at Arcadia University.  Each year, under Sawyer's superverison, the school sends dozens of physical therapy students to places in need, such as St. Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica, where, under the supervision of physical therapists, they help victims of stroke and other neuromuscular disorders regain function and independence, while learning valuable lessons about passionate care.

    Video: Arcadia University's Stroke Camp in Jamaica.


    Part 2 - Mission Trips in Central America

    Listen to Move Forward Radio or dowload the podcast on iTunes.

    Physical therapist Efosa Guabadi and physical therapy student Stephanie Irwin recount their experiences volunteering in Central America, where people will come from far and wide for medical attention at satellite village clinics.  Due to the demand, time with patients is often brief, but the impact can still be profound - both for the patients and their care-givers.

    Efosa L. Guobadia, PT, DPT, is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist who works for ATI Physical Therapy in Chicago, IL. He is the lead physical therapist for ATI MissionWorks – a program started by ATI that supports its employees on mission trips around the world. Guobadia currently serves as the Illinois Physical Therapy Association Early Career Physical Therapist Liaison. Additionally, he runs the physical therapy website www.pthaven.com, which contains articles; videos; and studying content for physical therapists.

    Stephanie Irwin, SPT, is a 3rd year DPT student at Boston University, graduating class of 2014. She received her undergraduate degree from Seattle Pacific University in Biology in 2010. As a student, she holds leadership and serves in Boston University's Physical Therapy Association as the APTA Liaison and is currently the Core Ambassador of the state of Massachusetts for the ATPA Student Assembly. Irwin has volunteered with International Service Learning in Belize and Hands of Light in Action in Haiti, providing physical therapy and medical services to local villages. She is currently completing a doctoral project at Boston University, partnering with Global Therapy Group to provide educational materials to patients in Haiti who have suffered a stroke.