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  • Inspiring Development in Children

    April 24, 2014: April is National Occupational Therapy Month. Occupational therapists and physical therapists are often work as a team to restore a patient's ability to function and maximize daily living.

    Understanding Pain

    April 10, 2014: Everybody experiences pain at some point. But understanding pain is a different matter. Two physical therapists discuss science's new understanding of how pain works, and how learning more about it can help someone manage pain better.

    Natalie Gulbis on Back Pain and the Physical Demands of Golf

    March 28, 2014: LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis and her physical therapist discuss the back pain that almost ended her career and the physical therapy routine she's adopted to keep playing.

    Waking Sleeping Glutes In Runners

    March 13, 2014: In the March 2014 issue of Runner's World, one of the magazine's editors serves as a test subject at a new running clinic. Her assessment by musculoskeletal and movement experts revealed a significant deficit she never knew she had.

    Female Athlete Triad: Recognizing and Treating the Nutrition-Based Condition

    February 27, 2014: A physician and a physical therapist discuss the Female Athlete Triad, and its dangers for female athletes.

    Avoiding Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

    February 6, 2014: A physical therapists provides insight and tips on how all skiers and snowboarders can avoid injuries as a result of the inevitable fall.

    Dry Needling: What It Is & Who It Helps

    January 23, 2013: A physical therapist discusses the emerging treatment of dry needling.

    Strategies to Safely Improve Your Fitness

    January 9, 2013: Each January, Americans rush back to the gym determined to burn off holiday season calories and work toward New Year's resolutions to get into shape.

    From the NFL to Ironman

    December 19, 2013: When former NFL linebacker Don Davey retired from professional football, he wasn't done pursuing athletic dreams.

    Pain Matters: Bringing Chronic Pain Out of the Shadows

    December 5, 2013: A new documentary, Pain Matters, which premiered on the Discovery Channel, examines chronic pain with health care experts and profiles several individuals who have battled the illness. Move Forward Radio talks to three people featured in the film, and a physical therapist who treats chronic pain.

    Caring for the Caregivers

    November 14, 2013: November is National Family Caregivers Month. A home health physical therapist discusses the demands on a caregiver, and how to best prepare for the demanding role.

    Success Story: Relief From Migraine Headaches with Trigger Point Therapy

    October 31, 2013: After decades suffering from debilitating migraine headaches, Angelie Alciatore found relief through physical therapy.

    Success Story: Overcoming Arthritis of the Neck

    October 24, 2013: The discomfort of Barry Cunha's arthritis of the neck caused headaches and led to a steady diet of of aspirin. After disappointing results from other treatments, he gave physical therapy a try.

    Success Story: Recovery from Traumatic Leg Injury

    October 17, 2013: A water skiing accident nearly led to amputation. But after surgeons saved her foot, Linda Conklin began physical therapy determined to put it to good use.

    Success Story: Recovering from Total Shoulder Replacement with Dry Needling

    October 10, 2013: The pain in Pam Pelton's shoulder was so severe she couldn't sleep. Then she tried dry needling with her physical therapist.

    Top 10 Fittest Cities for Baby Boomers

    October 1, 2013: A physical therapist announces the top 10 cities and discusses the importance of maintaining fitness after the age of 50.

    Back Pain: Avoiding Unnecessary Treatment

    September 19, 2013: A physical therapist discusses a study indicating that back pain is being over-treated, despite evidence supporting conservative treatment.

    World Physical Therapy Day: Volunteering Abroad

    September 6, 2013: In honor of World Physical Therapy Day (September 8), hear stories of physical therapists and physical therapy students volunteering in places in need.

    Plagiocephaly: Pediatric Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome

    August 22, 2013: A physical therapist and orthotist discuss the treatment of plagiocephaly (or flat head syndrome) of babies.

    Pregnancy and Running

    August 8, 2013: Physical therapists discuss a study about the effects of pregnancy on a woman's running form.
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