• Avoiding Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

    February 6, 2014: Over the next few weeks, the world will turn their attention to the elite athletes from around the world at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. We will witness them accomplishing unimaginative feats, and we will also marvel at their ability to do so.

    But for all the ways that Olympic athletes are beyond imagination, in at least one way they are very much like the rest of us: they fall down. And in the sports of skiing and snowboarding, falls often mean injuries.

    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, physical therapist Amber Donaldson, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will discuss the vigorous training of Olympic athletes, and provide tips on how to best avoid injuries while skiing and snowboarding.

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    Amber Donaldson, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, is the manager of the United States Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO. She previously served as the Director of Sport Sciences & Medicine Programs for the professional Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Tour for six years in which she traveled extensively around the world caring for the athletes as well as carrying out numerous administrative duties at the headquarters.